How to NOT raise money for a worthy cause

By Marc Lemay,


I’m going to tell you the end of the story before I begin.  I suggested to my boss to not support an event that was probably going to end up supporting a worthy cause.  Why?  Disorganization and admittedly rookie mistakes on the part of the organizers.  I’m hoping this helps other small non-profits (and those that want to support non-profits) avoid the same pitfalls this group ran into while trying to raise money for their cause. … Continue reading

One year

By Marc Lemay,

meandbruceOne year. When you miss someone, it’s been said it gets better over time, the pain becomes less.

There are only really 3 people I truly miss at this point in my life: my grandmother, my mom, and “The Boss” Bruce Arnold. My grandmother, because I was just a child when she passed away. My mom, because we lost time together as a result of foster care, and didn’t have enough time to make it up. And Bruce, because we just ran out of time. Seemingly selfish I know…call me greedy. … Continue reading

Could the new face of “journalism” be Jon Stewart?

By Marc Lemay,

Spivak and Russert are probably rolling in their graves on this one. Granted, many folks live and die by him – some surveys showing more than 50% of America get their news from Stewart or Colbert. But in the true sense of the word, he’s not a journalist. Certainly not in the heritage of MTP. But, that raises the question: in this day and age of the watering down of news media – is Jon Stewart the new face of “journalism”?

Justice has prevailed

By Marc Lemay,

Almost three years after we lost Milka Rivera and her children at the hands of her then-boyfriend Jose Luis Tejada, justice has prevailed.  From the Eagle Tribune:

On Tuesday, Salem Superior Court Judge Howard Whitehead sentenced Tejada, 43, to three consecutive life terms, one for each of the victims, a sentence he said was the only way to reflect the fact that each of the victims was a “unique individual” whose life was taken. 

Rest in peace Milka.

Full story here (from the Eagle Tribune)

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The client ISN’T always right – here’s why.

By Marc Lemay,

If I hire a plumber to install a new sink in my bathroom, can I tell them how I want the pipes run?  If an electrician is running a new plug to power up a bigger air conditioner, can I tell them where to run that line down to my basement?  When I go to the doctor, am I “allowed” to self-diagnose?

Then how can clients tell us how to do X – with X being anything we’re a professional in producing? … Continue reading