About Me

B.M.C. Durfee High School of Fall River

B.M.C. Durfee High School of Fall River – proud alumni


I grew up in Fall River, MA with a stop or two along the way in nearby Westport, MA as well.  It all depended on what foster home I was in at the time.  Fall River is home to Emeril Lagasse  (no – I don’t know him), Lizzie Borden (don’t know her either) Hec Gauthier and Mike Moran.  (Yes, I do know them, although they may not admit to knowing me…)

My first job was a newspaper carrier – yes, big basket on the back of my bike, delivering the Fall River Herald News.  At one point, I even delivered the New Bedford Standard Times while I was also delivering the Herald News.  Entrepreneur?  I liked money if that’s what you’re getting at.   The dual gig lasted all of a week though – I was filling in for one of my foster brothers who didn’t want the route anymore.  Another one picked up the Standard Times route while I stuck with the Herald News.  There started my love of media – sort of.

An Audiopak :40 Cart

It’s a cart – NOT an 8 track!

I got my start in radio as a 13-year-old intern at WALE AM 1400 in Fall River. My first gig was recording the “WALE Weather Phone”.  What was the “WALE Weather Phone” you ask?  If you wanted to know the weather, and didn’t want to wait to hear it on the radio, you would call a certain number and the recorded weather forecast would be played for you.  Nifty use of technology back in 1980-something.  When the station was sold in 1989, I was there to sign off WALE at 11 p.m., July 19, and sign on again as WHTB the next morning.  I owe a huge debt of gratitude to folks in Fall River who took me under their wing and no matter what, taught me about life and about radio.  Bernie Sullivan (the last great radio newsman – ever!), PJ Carroll, Jim Mandly, Loren King, Paul Rogers, Louise Mauro, John Greenwood, George Colajezzi, and the previously mentioned Hec Gauthier and Mike Moran to name a few.

With nothing but a good share of bad personal memories, and a duffel bag full of clothes, I moved to Haverhill in 1990 and started working at WHAV when then-Program Director Brian Webster hired me as News Director.  I had a ton of fun with Brian and Scott Cordischi on Sports doing the Morning Show.  We had fun, and I hope it was obvious on the air.  But, things have a way of working themselves out and after three years at WHAV, I went to work in other areas of communications including Yellow Pages, newspaper graphic design at the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech, opened my own business for a few years (ok, almost 10 years), public access television and more than my share of internet-based businesses.

In 2004, I returned to radio when I joined WCCM. There, I served as afternoon drive host, production director, IT manager, morning show news anchor/co-host and finally morning show host.  I was blessed to be able to work with one of the nicest men and mentors – Bruce Arnold – the voice of the Merrimack Valley.

Change is good…since March, 2007, I have served as the Communications Manager for Greater Lawrence Family Health Center in Lawrence, MA.  I learn from my co-workers every day at GLFHC, about culture and healthcare, the culture of healthcare, the health of healthcare, and the health of culture in a community like Lawrence.