Expressing your love and dedication to that special person in front of your family and friends is truly magnificent. There is nothing more exciting than your wedding day, and one of the most daunting. I’m here to alleviate some of the stress.

I am a non-denominational minister of the Universal Life Church, and I am available to perform traditional and non-traditional weddings. I believe love is love, no matter the two people expressing their love to each other.

I will work with you to perform your custom ceremony, perfect for your day. Writing assistance is included in the quote if needed (via phone or email). I can also arrange to be at your rehearsal as all part of the fee.

I am based in Northern Massachusetts and registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Secretary of State as an ordained minister.  I am also willing to perform weddings in New Hampshire and Maine with adequate notice (minimum 4 months in NH).

Who can get married in MA?
According to the Secretary of State, you don’t have to be a Massachusetts resident to get married here in the Commonwealth. However, you must obtain a valid marriage license issued by a Massachusetts city or town clerk. An out-of-state marriage license cannot be used. Other than that, there are just a few restrictions to getting married in Massachusetts: You must be 18 years of age or older. If either party is under 18, a Marriage of Minors pdf format of Marriage Without Delay/Marriage of Minors (CJD 430) application form must be filed with the probate court or district court where the minor lives. You may not marry a close relative (as defined specifically in MGL). If either person was previously married, joined in a civil union, a registered domestic partnership, or other legally binding relationship recognized by another state, this relationship must be legally dissolved (meaning your divorce must be final) before applying for a Massachusetts marriage license.

Do you officiate ceremonies for LGBT couples?
YES.  I firmly believe two people can love each other and should be happy together in the union of marriage, no matter their sexual preference.

OK, how about couples from different religious/spiritual backgrounds?
Absolutely!  Together, we can work to honor and respect each of your spiritual beliefs in one ceremony.

This isn’t our first time around “the block”…we want to involve our children from previous marriages.
Without question.  They are “coming together” just as much as you are.  Why not include them (especially the little ones!)

How does this start?
A phone call, an email or (what I prefer) a face-to-face meeting.  There is no charge for this meeting.  This is where you (the couple) and I sit down and talk about you, how you met, details about your personal love story, and of course, your ideas for the ceremony.  I also provide a sample ceremony for you to review to help create additional ideas for your special day.  The key here is: it’s your special day.  I’m here to make it just that.

What about the rehearsal?
Rehearsals are the best place to work out the finer points of your special day.  So it goes without saying that I can be available to help with the walk-through prior to your wedding day.

What about the day of the event?
I’ll arrive at least an hour prior to the ceremony

OK – so, what do you charge?
That varies.  Because each ceremony is as individual as the couple, my fees are quoted on an individual basis.  You’ll know upfront after our initial consultation how much your ceremony will be and will be provided a detailed contract outlining my services to you.

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Lauren H.
3d ago

Upon our first meeting, Marc was amazing to work with. He loved our story, reveled in love of all kinds, and was excited to make our ceremony "ours". He was genuinely invested in making our day perfect, and was 100% flexible in what we wanted. We chose Marc with no reservation and cancelled meetings with other officiants. We would highly recommend Marc to anyone.

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